The Muller Realty Groups Comprehensive Home Marketing Plan

Of All Homeowners Are Dissatisfied With Their Agent’s Performance!


The Reason? Poor Communication!

The ABC’s of Real Estate Marketingabc_home_marketing_245

(What Most Agents Do!)

-Advertise themselves

-Bang a sign into your property

-Create a few ads for the paper

-Direct your listing into the MLS

-Encourage their office to show it

-Figure they might try an open house

-Get on their knees and pray it will sell!

This is the way real estate has been practiced for the past 100 years and it’s the way most agents still operate today.

But… these traditional methods have proven to be less and less effective in today’s world.

That’s why we use the latest cutting edge technology, proven consumer innovations, much more robust and creative tools and our Unique Team System which goes far beyond the antiquated approach!

Potential Problems Agents Encountercheesysalesguy_400

- Try to juggle dozens of tasks for multiple clients all by themselves as they have little or no support staff to help.

- Eventually run up against the limits of time, energy and money.

- Sell relatively few properties resulting in limited cash flow to invest back into the advertising and promotion of your property.

- Have such limited time and resources for you, the client, that service suffers.

The Muller Realty Group Home Marketing System

- You get a whole team of seasoned professionals, working for you (versus a single agent)

- We never run out of time for you because each of us is responsible for a specific process in the selling of your property.

- Together, our combined efforts and resources add up to superior marketing and customer service, resulting in your home selling faster and for top dollar.

Listing With The Muller Realty Group Means Your Property Will Sell:


-For Top Dollar

-With The Least Hassle

You Will Get These Results Because Of Our:

1. Unique Team System

2. Innovative Consumer Programs
3. Cutting Edge Technology
4. Specialized Knowledge

Our Credentials

-2008 & 2009 Agent Of The Year

-Multi-Million Dollar Producerasp_120

-Years As a Successful Real Estate Agent

-ASP Certified Home Staging Realtor

-Staged Homes Sell 40% Faster and for 7% More Money Based on National Averages. More on this later!

-Licensed Georgia Real Estate Appraiser

- I understand what is worth doing and what isn’t when it comes to the value of your home.

-Completed Georgia Certified Home Inspectors School

- I will understand the inspection report and be able to negotiate more effectively when your buyer asks for repairs.

-Accredited Buyer’s Representative

-Certified Distressed Property Expert

-Residential Construction Certified

-Certified New Home Specialist

-Certified E-Pro Realtor

-3 Years As A Top Producing Loan Officer

-Member National Association of Realtorsluxury_home_mktg_120

-Member Of The Institute For Luxury Home Marketing

-Certified Eco-Brokerecobroker_120



The Muller Realty Group’s Selling System Means YOU Get A Team os Agents Working For You (for the price of 1!)


Each of these Hand-Picked Team Of Pros has their own area of expertise and responsibility in the advertising, promotion, and sale of YOUR property!


Who do you think will do the best job of selling YOUR house. . .

A single agent working alone, trying to do hundreds of tasks for many clients,


An Expert Team Of Professionals?


Some Of The Unique Consumer Innovations We Will Use To Sell Your Property Fast & For Top Dollar

1. Showcase Listings— Showcases YOUR home to buyers from across the country. Over 90% of People search for their new home on the internet, and 82% of that time is spent on Showcase listings set your home apart from the typical listings and receive much more attention.

2. Featured Listings on our personal websites and local real estate blog - Our sites average over 3000 unique visitors a month who are looking for local real estate. This kind of targeted exposure puts your home in front of interested buyers every day.

3. Individual Home Websites — personal home website provides great advertising and community information to potential buyers.

4. Brochures, Flyers & Detail Sheets — These professionally printed full-color advertising pieces are placed on-site at each property—inside your home and in street-side Flyer Boxes at each of our listings.

5. Email PDF Of Promotional Material About YOUR Property/Listing to Hundreds of Real Estate Agents and Offices — Quickly gets the word out in a visual fashion to hundreds of real estate agents and offices with prospective buyers for YOUR property.

6. The most comprehensive internet advertising campaign around — To put it simply if there is a site on the internet that has homes for sale, Your home is on it!

7. Local Print Advertising — Promotes YOUR property to buyers in the most read and seen real estate print publications.

8. Full-Color Direct-Mail Advertising to Hundreds of Nearby Property Owners and Top Agents — Finds neighbors, relatives and local buyers for YOUR property—complete with direct response component.

9. Free Sellers Warranty — Every Listing receives a free comprehensive home warranty to
cover any troubles that may occur while your home is on the market.

10. 360 Panoramic “Virtual Tours” Of Listings — Professionally done photography allows internet viewings of the interior, exterior and best features of your home by buyers across the country, otherwise not able to see YOUR property.

11. Computerized “Top Producer On-Line” Software — Our fully integrated and networked office real estate sales and listing management software. Allows us to keep track of every single prospect that calls, writes, emails or walks into our office. Perfect for finding and matching buyers for YOUR property. It also allows us to keep track of every one who has seen your home, keeping your home fresh in their minds.

12. Education and Experience — Allows us to protect your interests throughout every aspect of the real estate transaction


-I am a former Loan Officer — We will pre-qualify your potential buyer’s no matter who they are using for their loan. This helps eliminates the hassle of going under contract with a buyer who will be unable to close. Remember a pre-qual letter isn’t worth the paper it is printed on. We do the work to make sure we are dealing with a truly qualified buyer

-Licensed Appraiser (Inactive) — I understand home values and changing market conditions. This is key in negotiating and providing “ammo” when we counter a buyer’s offer.

-ASP Certified Home Staging Realtor — We will stage your home for free. Staged homes sell 40% faster and for 7% more money based on national averages

-Completed GA Home Inspector Training — I will find and help you fix potential problems before the house goes on the market. I also understand the inspection report and how to negotiate when a buyer requests repairs.

-Member of The Institute for Luxury Home Marketing — Marketing a luxury home is very different than more traditional price ranges. You need someone who understands how to find the right buyer’s for this price range.

-2008 & 2009 Agent of The Year — Previous success is always a great indicator of future


HomeHunter System

The Problem:

Usually, it’s the real estate agent who picks out the properties buyers will view. Unfortunately, they’re not interested in 90% of the homes they are shown. This wastes everyone’s time and may even mean that another buyer ends up with the house they would have preferred to buy!

The Solution:

When a buyer contacts us about purchasing a home, we enter their search criteria into our unique system, the buyers are then sent listings and updates that match the criteria. This way, we stay in regular contact with a huge group of buyers, many of whom are potential purchasers of YOUR property!

Benefits To Sellers:

-Your home is exposed to a huge group of highly pre-qualified and interested buyers.

- The emails to our HomeHunter group are very select and represent a powerful way of presenting your property.

- This service builds buyer loyalty, giving us a strong number of serious prospects to bring through your home .

Benefits To Buyers

-Buyers receive regular emails on any homes that match their criteria.

- After previewing the homes, buyers can select which homes they are interested in viewing, save their favorites and leave questions to be answered.

- The service is absolutely free and obligates buyers to nothing even though it is marvelously successful tool for buyers. and Showcase Listings

The Problem:realtorcom_crap_868

Every Listing gets put on and they all look pretty much the same. You see a picture and the Realtor shorthand description imported from the MLS. How can you make these listings not only stand out from the others and a more useful marketing tool?

The Solution:

We pay to have everyone of our listings on, a showcase listing. Your Home will be much more visible to potential buyers when it is showcased! We personally receive all inquiries allowing us to follow up quickly with buyers interested in your home. Your listing will also be highlighted in the search results, with preview text visible to buyers before they select the property.

Click Here to Compare a Typical Ad with One of Our Showcase Listings

Benefits To Sellers:realtorcom_showcase_867

-Up to 25 Jumbo Photos, and the ability to add Virtual and Video tours

-Scrolling banner to highlight the key selling points, and the ability to put a full text description of the property.

-Highlighted in the search results making your listing really stand out from the crowd.

Benefits To Buyers:

- Give buyers complete details about your property.

- Quickly point out the features and benefits your house has to offer.

- Give buyers contact information to request more info if they need it without feeling pressured by an agent



The more buyers we can interest, the better chance we have of finding one who will meet your price, terms and desired closing date. Your home appears on® The #1 National Real Estate website


Multiple ways to search (map, gallery, price)

Multiple photos

Neighborhood & school information

Because® has millions of listings…realtor3_120

I will make yours stand out

Property PowerSite

Every Listing receives a dedicated Website, Like this one!


PowerSites are the richest source of information available about a property. Your website will be listed on Trulia, Oodle, PropSmart, Edgeio, Google Base, MLS and The Web address will be showcased on the “for sale” sign to capture drive-by interest, in all print advertisements as well as all emails, direct mail, and internet marketing.

Home Staging

The Problem:

The way you live in a home and the way you sell a home are 2 very different things. A persons treasured pictures and belongings can just seem like clutter to a random buyer, making a home seem smaller than it really is. Other items can negatively effect a potential buyer’s mood as they walk the home, and a buyer’s mood is very important when it comes time to decide if your home is the one.

The Solution:

As an ASP certified home staging Realtor, each and every home listed by the Muller Realty Group receives a Free Home Staging. Don’t panic staging the typical home costs little to no money, and we make sure that you can still live in and enjoy your home after it has been staged. We will show you what items need to be packed or stored and we maintain a large inventory of items that we can bring into the home to add those extra touches if they are needed.


Benefits To Sellers:

- Home Staging makes your home stand out from other unstaged homes.

- The National average shows that staged homes sell 40% faster and for 7% more money.

- Since we have an existing inventory of home décor accessories you will not have to buy anything.

- Home Staging allows the photographer to take amazing pictures that will definitely capture a potential buyers eye!


Remember most homes can be staged for little to no money, simply using the items and furniture you already have in your house. In certain homes the job may be too large, in that case we will call in a home staging team and I will reimburse you the money at closing!

Brochures, Flyers & Detail Sheets

The Problem:

Advertisements and promotions in newspapers and other print media are low quality “consumable” items — people tend to read then toss such material because the pictures, content and size of such advertising in necessarily limited and of relatively low quality. Newspaper is Dead, Real Estate has undergone a massive change in how we do business, it is not enough to simply throw an ad in the newspaper and a sign in the front.

The Solution:flyer_621

The agents at the Muller Realty Group are Marketing Specialists — not just real estate agents.

When we take listings, They are truly marketed by increasing and reinforcing Buyer awareness in a multitude of formats and media. When a property is listed by the Muller Realty Group our marketing strategists immediately kick into gear. We use Professional Graphic Designers and Print Houses to create brochures, flyers and detail sheets as one component in our marketing campaign.

Benefits To Sellers:

- Each property gets a flyer box full of printed detail sheets attached to the “For Sale” sign in front of the property.

- Interested buyer’s that drive by (or call or inquire in person about) the property often stop and take a full-color flyer with them, reinforcing their awareness of the property.

- The visual nature of the flyer, along with its full-color photo and list of features and benefits offered by the property are saved by buyers thus visually retaining and reminding them of their interest.

Benefits To Buyers:

- Flyers and detail sheets are yet another hassle-free and pressure-free method of getting information about our listings.

- Flyers and detail sheets reinforce and maintain buyer awareness and help to differentiate your property from the many others they have seen.

- Having full-color printed information on your property allows buyers to forward this info to their friends and associates in a way that makes a compelling presentation of the properties’ image and details.

Email PDF Marketing

The Problem:

While flyers, detail sheets and brochures are a great way of advertising and promoting YOUR property, many buyers and their respective agents never get a chance to see them!

The Solution:

In order to make full use of these promotional materials, the Muller Realty Group does more than just stuff a few into a flyer box at your property. Upon completion of flyers, details sheets and brochures, we create an Adobe Acrobat™ “Portable Document Format” (*.PDF)file that is then emailed to agents, offices and prospects. Because Adobe distributes its Acrobat™ Reader software free of charge, the vast majority of computer users already have this software on their computers. For the few who do not, we offer a link to the Adobe Internet site ( so that the Reader software can quickly and easily be downloaded for free.


Benefits To Sellers:

- According to statistics from the National Association Of Realtors™, the vast majority of today’s homebuyers have Internet access and use it regularly as an integral part of their home buying process.

- By creating electronic “*.pdf” versions of our flyers, detail sheets and brochures, we get access to the most active segment of the market — the “NOW” Buyers who are ready willing and able to buy YOUR house today.

- The material we email to these prospects is specifically formatted and designed to keep YOUR property in “Top-Of-Mind-Consciousness” with this most valuable buying sector.

Benefits To Buyers:

- Emailed flyers, detail sheets and brochures are yet another hassle-free and pressure-free method of getting information about our listings — complete with photos and details.

- Emailed flyers, like printed versions, reinforce and maintain buyer awareness and help to differentiate your property from the many others they have seen.

- Having full-color printed information on your property allows buyers to forward this info to their friends and associates in a way that makes a compelling presentation of the properties’ image and details.

360° Panoramic “Virtual Tours” Let Remote

Buyers Walk-Through YOUR Property On-Line.

The Problem:

Sometimes its hard to showcase a property with a flyer or a few pictures. With the death of open houses, and the emergence of the internet as the main tool prospective buyers use to find a home, the pictures may be the single most important marketing tool.

The Solution:

Virtual Tours are a great way to walk a buyers through properties from remote locations. All it takes is a computer and a few mouse clicks and a buyer can take a “virtual walkthrough” of a property which is very close to the experience of the real thing. We use professional photographers to create stunning virtual tours that will capture a buyers interest and motivate them to come visit in person.

Please be patient while Virtual Tour Loads

Benefits To Sellers:

- This great high-tech tool allows us to showcase YOUR property, electronically, in gorgeous detail, to prospects anywhere in the country.

- Virtual Tours offer multimedia exposure, complimenting and enhancing our other advertising and promotions of YOUR property.

Benefits To Buyers:

- Now buyers truly can shop for property online. Focusing on homes they are truly interested in.

- Virtual tours instantly allow out of state buyers detailed views of properties the otherwise could not see without first getting on an airplane. Georgia has become a top relocation destination and out of state buyers greatly increase the qualified buyer pool

- Virtual tours can showcase a property to a buyer in a way that no other media can. It adds depth and definition to a buyer’s perception of a property.

90% of buyers now find the home they end up buying on the internet, and the #1 thing these buyers look for is great pictures. Professional, quality virtual tours provide the instant access and information that today’s buyers are looking for.

Be kept up to date with emailed progress reports showing how many potential buyers have viewed your tour.

Buyer Feedback Reports Emailed Directly To You

Receiving feedback when somebody shows your home can be an invaluable tool. Unfortunately many agents simply do not take the time to respond to phone calls asking for feedback.

All of my listings are signed up with When an agent shows your home, they will receive up to 4 emails containing a short survey, and the chance to win a $50.00 gas card if they provide feedback. My Clients receive a personalized username and password allowing them to log in and view the feedback when notified by email.

Direct Response Mailings To Local Buyers, Sellers, and Top Agents.

The Problem:

Flyers, Brochures, and local real estate publications are great tools. However, getting the word out with these tools is only part of the task of an effective marketer. The documented success of the Muller Realty Group is due to our innovative techniques, robust marketing and extensive promotion. This means we have many more ways of communicating with and attracting potential buyers and sellers. However, the big payoff comes only if we get prospects to respond!

The Solution:

We go far to insure the successful sale of YOUR property! Every direct mail piece we send (brochures, postcards, flyers, detail sheets, etc), all have several direct response components. These direct response mechanisms make it easy for prospective buyers to contact us, each time “raising their hand” and identifying themselves as prospects for YOUR property..


Benefits To Sellers:

- Increases the responsiveness of prospects looking to buy property like YOU are selling.

- Gets buyers to “raise-their-hand” and identify themselves to us so that we can give them information and sales material about YOUR property for sale.

- Allows us to more quickly and effectively populate our database of the NOW buyers we market to.

- Maximizes our marketing efforts and helps to get YOUR property sold quickly and for the highest price.

“TopProducer” Office & Contact Management Software.

The Problem:

How does one keep track of the thousands of people, listings, buyers, sellers, tasks and data that comes into or through a busy real estate office? At best, most agents have a rudimentary system, if any! Because of the sheer volume of data and tasks that need to be tracked and managed, and the number of hats a typical agent has to wear in order to do business without a TEAM, the majority of real estate agents allow tons of business to slip through their fingers every day. They are simply too busy or too preoccupied with closing today’s deal to worry about tomorrow’s business. Too much gets lost in the shuffle!

The Solution:laptop_366

The backbone of the Muller Realty Group, and virtually all of it’s day-to-day operations, are managed by a High-Tech, Server-Based, On-Line System. Each Team Member has their own access to our On-Line Office Management Software and its huge database of buyers, sellers, Leads, data and pending tasks. Every single buyer, seller or prospect and each call, letter, email, contact and completed or scheduled activity is logged into our Office software. This allows every member of the team to assist in the marketing of your home, and provides us with a huge stream of potential buyers for your property.

Benefits To Sellers:

- EVERY prospect is entered into our database along with their purchase criteria & particulars. We have HUNDREDS of qualified buyers in our system to whom we can market YOUR property. We lose no one!

- Activities relating to YOUR property's marketing & sale are carefully documented & managed. Everything gets done when and how it should!

- Your property is sold quickly & for the most money and least hassle because we are so well organized and effective

Benefits To Buyers:

- When a new listing comes on the market we can instantly search for and match up buyers in our database with new properties. This gives these buyers the jump on others.

- Our computerized system allows us to keep in touch with and track all matters relating to our buyers’ search for and acquisition of property.

- We are organized, efficient and on top of transactions, escrows, and property searches and other matters as a result of our state-of-the art computerization!

A Massive Internet Presence think “The Shotgun Effect”!

The Problem:

The fact that the majority of U.S. households now have Internet access, combined with the advent of numerous web sites offering virtually unlimited listings of real estate for sale, means that today’s buyers rely increasingly on the Internet as their primary source of information and data about property on the market for sale. With thousands of real estate sites now competing for attention, Everyone puts their listing online, Having the Knowledge, and resources to exploit the Internet’s value as a sales tool is a big difference.

The Solution:

The Muller Realty Group has developed a dynamic personal web presence that currently attracts over 3000 unique potential buyers a month and is continuing to grow. Designed to capture the attention of the home buying public and drive them to YOUR listing. Our Flagship “branded” site has one of the best real estate searches available on-line. This site currently averages about 6 registrations a day! This may not sound like much, but that is 6 potential buyers a day who are serious enough to request more information. Add that to the exposure from and the 100’s of other websites that your home will be shown on and it is massive exposure on a national scale.

Benefits To Sellers:

- has listings, market data and info designed to make buyers “raise their hand” and identify themselves to us as prospective buyers for YOUR property.

- and our new Real Estate Blog Consistently rank on the 1st pages of Google and the other major search engines providing massive exposure to your listing.

- 100’s of other websites provide the “Shotgun Effect” Put your listing in front of enough people and the right buyer will see it.

Benefits To Buyers:

- Our web sites are recognized as extremely valuable resources for the FREE information buyers crave.

- These non-threatening sources allow buyers to circumvent dealing directly with agents while at the same time giving us direct access to them at our later convenience.

- The ability to perform a comprehensive home search without the pressure of constant sales pitches, yet still having help available if needed makes the process much

And The Hits Keep coming…...Literally


-The Personal websites of the 100+ Agents in our office




-And Many More!

In addition to the previously discussed and, your home can be found on all of the above sites and 100’s more. I don’t wait for buyers to find your home, I take it to them. With professionally taken photographs, virtual tours, unique website, and detailed descriptions. The right buyer is out there for every home, but if they can’t find it, they can’t buy it.

The importance of the internet in today’s Real Estate market cannot be ignored. Gone are the days of a sign in the yard, listing with the MLS, and a 20 word newspaper ad, The homes that are being marketed that way are simply not going to sell. You want a team of agents who can embrace the advantages of technology without losing the personal touch.

More important than anything… We listen; Your goals become our goals. Our passion for the business makes it easy for us to make a full-time commitment to our clients. By combining personal attention with dynamic web and marketing resources, We provide 24/7 market coverage for my clients. We will give your home the time and the attention it deserves - you will receive the absolute best personal service. Through specialized marketing, state of the art technology and a vast personal network, we will happily do the hard work it takes to maximize your home's potential to reach the right buyer.

Some Things Never Change

I know, you are sick of hearing about the internet by now, but believe me, it is that important. However, We still take advantage of the more traditional methods of selling your home as well.

_ ReMax Yard Signsign1_276

_ Full Color professionally designed flyers

_ Ads in local publications

_ Listing in the Real Estate Book and AJC Homes

_ Direct Mail piece to top local agents

_ Featured listing in Buyers Guide

_ And More

We don’t have a 12 page glossy brochure telling you how great we are. We don’t have pictures of ourselves plastered everywhere with Kids or Dogs. No pictures of us jumping in the air, or any other silly pose.

What we do have is a proven plan to sell your home for the most amount of money, and in a reasonable period of time. We have the experience in all aspects of Real Estate to guide you through every aspect of the transaction while protecting your interests every step of the way.

I could tell you about the 30 years of Combined Marketing Experience and Countless Workshops, Seminars and Classes Under Our Belt but to be honest with you I don’t think that means as much as it used to.

While experience in the field is great, and we have plenty of it. Real Estate is in a period of transition. The way people buy and sell Real Estate NOW is almost unrecognizable if compared to just a few years ago.

So what I will prefer to focus on is our success in this NEW Real Estate world, Including being named the 2008 and than again 2009 Agent of the Year.

You Get The Benefit Of:

State-Of-The-Art Technology, Advertising, Promotion And Marketing!

We are here to work for you!

-Our team approach ensures that you receive the level of service and attention that you deserve.

-We have pioneered A unique & exclusive marketing system not offered by any other agent.

-Your property will be advertised to buyers in a much larger marketarea. Our web presence and relationships with relocation companies increases the buyer’s pool from the local market to nationwide.

-We give you the right to cancel your listing with us if we don’t deliver the service we promise. With most agents, you’re locked in for months.


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Additional Tips and Information


The Market Value of Your Home IS NOT:

What you have in it

What you need out of it

What it is appraised for

What you heard a neighbor’s house sold for

What the tax assessor says it’s worth

What it is insured for

Based on memories and treasures

Based on prices of homes where you are moving

The True Market Value of Your Home IS:

Based on today’s market

Current Competition

Current Financing

Current Economic Conditions

Based on the Buyer’s perception of property condition

Based on location

Based on normal marketing time

As The Seller You Control:

* The Asking Price

* The Property Condition

*Access to the Property

As The Seller You Do Not Control:

* Market Conditions

* Competition

* Value

Warning Signs That A Price Improvement May Be Needed:

-If agents are not previewing or they preview but don’t show the property, they are eliminating your property from consideration.

-If your home is being shown but no offers are generated, buyers are finding better competing properties in your price range In either case, it is an indication that your home is not priced appropriately for the current market.

19150028_800REMEMBER: Proper Price Combined With Customized Marketing = A Sale!